What is 4K resolution?

Are you looking for the answer to what is 4K resolution? Do you remember the times we used to click pictures using our 2MP cameras? Later, when 4MP cameras were launched for the first time on mobile phones, we were stunned to see the improvement in the quality of the pictures. Now, will we get amazed to see those pictures today? No, right? Wouldn’t we rather complain about the poor quality of those pictures and videos? Why? It is because of the advancement the technology has achieved over years.

What is 4K resolution?

Ultra HD 4K

The 4k resolution refers to the horizontal resolution, as the name suggests, of approximately 4000 pixels. To be precise, the 4K resolution accounts for 3840 pixels horizontally. What’s so special about it? On the basis of our understanding of analysing pictures, we can clearly reach the conclusion that the greater the number of pixels, the better the quality of the image. Now just compare 4MP and 4K. Can you see the difference?

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Why is 4K better?

Now that we know what 4K is, let us talk about why does everyone love videos in 4K resolution? What is so special about it?

4K better

Well, yes, it’s established until now that it is about quality. With advancements in technology, the screen size keeps getting bigger for each device. It is this 4K resolution that is responsible for the fantastic quality of the movie you watched on your TV. The kind of details that 4k resolution can focus on is just unimaginable. It is this focus on the details that makes the user experience next level.

How do pixels work?

We talk a lot about the quality of pictures and videos, and this picture quality is always measured using this mysterious unit called “pixels”. We’ll help you solve this mystery. It’s not complex. Just think it this way – divide your device screen into tiny boxes; these are pixels. The greater the number of these tiny boxes, the better you’ll be able to see what’s on the screen and hence more significant the quality, right? Does it make sense now; why a greater number of pixels is regarded as a better resolution?

Where is 4K used?

Generally, the 4K resolution is used on TVs and screens bigger than that. But these days, you can watch 4K videos even on your mobile phone on various video streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime. With the popularity of the 4K resolution, almost all the video streaming platforms are making changes in their systems to support 4K resolution, and many of them have already achieved this.

Does 4K support low-quality pictures?

Now, one question is undeniable to pop into your head. Having talked about the plus points of the 4K resolution, we should also talk about whether there are any negative aspects of it? For instance, does 4K resolution works fine for pictures and videos that are of lower quality? Well, you don’t need to worry about that because it absolutely does. Think of it this way – will a 500 ml capacity container be able to hold 200 ml of water? It will, right? In the same way, TVs rated 4k resolution support lower quality pictures and videos very easily.

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