Marshall Speakers – History, Features and Best Speakers

Marshall has made its name in the field of speakers and other musical equipment to such a great extent that if you are someone who is associated with music in some way or other, there’s no way you haven’t heard about Marshall. Since Marshall is a speaker’s brand known so widely, we are here with this article talking about their history, growth, contributions to the music industry and also something that most of you are reading this article for, what is the best choice when if you want to buy a Marshall speaker?

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Once a brand becomes well known, people often want to know about its history, origin and all-over journey. Let’s take a look at Marshall’s history. Marshall was founded by Jim Marshall OBE and his son Terry. Unfortunately, Jim was diagnosed with tubercular bones, due to which he was refrained from doing a lot of activities. His solitude made him fall in love with music, and that’s when he took drums as his favourite hobby and leisure activity.

After over 20 years of gigging on the road, on 7 July 1960, Jim opened a family-run music store with his wife Violet and son Terry called ‘Jim Marshall and Son’ at 76 Uxbridge Road, Hanwell, London. The store sold a variety of musical instruments and was visited and loved by many music enthusiasts. You’d be amused to know that many young emerging talents such as Pete Townshend, Ritchie Blackmore, John Entwistle and Big Jim Sullivan were themselves regular visitors of the store.

Entering the Engineering domain

What started as a regular retail store then started to engineer its own musical instruments to make sure the customers were content and that they delivered only the best. Jim focused mainly on the mechanics of the product, while Terry and Ken Bran, then Service Engineer, looked at an RCA circuit and started experimenting with different components. The first amplifier, now known as ‘Number One’, attracted 23 orders on its first-day in-store in September 1962 and would become the first of many JTM45 amps.

Why are Marshall Speakers so famous?

Many of you must be wondering what the big deal is? Why are Marshall Speakers so famous? Are they overrated? Well, let us tell you, they are definitely not overrated. There are valid reasons for which the brand is greatly loved by many. Marshall Speaker in India is famous for its quality and unique designs which always gives premium looks to the users.

Unique Features of Marshall Speakers

The best thing about Marshall Speakers is that there’s something for everyone. If you are someone who buys speakers on the basis of their battery life, then Marshall offers speakers that are designed especially to give a long battery backup. But if you like to be loud, then Marshall has a different set of speakers for you.

Marshall speakers are available in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of contemporary features like Bluetooth, voice controls, app compatibility, and multiroom connection. Some plug into an outlet, some are battery-powered and wireless, and others offer a blend of both for maximum flexibility. Whether you’re hosting guests, throwing a party, bingeing podcasts, or you just want more music in your life, Marshall surely has a wide variety for you to choose from.

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Best Marshall Speakers

Let’s finally move on to discuss some of the best Marshall Speakers. However, pretty much every speaker that Marshall designs is the perfect choice for you, but we will still try to shortlist those options and talk about the Top 6 marshall speakers in India that you can buy and boost your user experience ten folds. You can buy Marshall speakers directly from their website but most of the time they are out of stock on their official website. You can buy Marshall speakers from Amazon too, Amazon have a good stock of it.

1. Emberton


Emberton is a compact portable speaker with the loud and vibrant sound only Marshall can deliver. This speaker is known for providing quality sound along with long battery life and is one of the best Marshall speakers. The speakers use Bluetooth technology to connect to your devices. Sadly, the speakers do not support any wired-connection technology. But the battery life of these speakers is so amazing that you won’t even feel the need for a wired connection.

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2. Action II

Action II

If you want speakers for your home, then you should really take a look at Action III. Action III is the most compact speaker in the home line-up, and it’d fit literally anywhere in your house. Action III will fill your whole room with the Marshall signature sound and will leave you in the awe of it. This speaker has especially been re-engineered with a broader soundstage.

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3. Woburn II

Woburn II

Are you a party animal? More specifically, do you like to have parties at your home? Home parties are impossible without quality music, right? Well, Marshall Woburn II takes care of that. There can’t be a speaker more perfect for home parties than the Woburn II. For parties, we are not only concerned about the sound performance but also the looks of the speaker, right? We gotta take care of the aesthetics too, right? This is exactly why you should consider buying Woburn II. Woburn II, with its perfect sleek and stylish look, is going to make your home party a success filling the room with Marshall’s signature sound and loudness.

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4. Stanmore II

Stanmore II

Stanmore II is the most versatile speaker in the Marshall line-up and is perfect for any room big or small. It produces clean and precise audio, even at the highest levels, due to advanced components such as two 15-watt class D amplifiers powering its tweeters and a 50-watt class D amplifier to drive its mighty subwoofer. The wooden cabinet construction helps provide a warm, natural sound and the bass reflex system includes a port to increase efficiency at low frequencies.

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5. Kilburn II

Kilburn II

For a person who pays attention to the details of the music and for whom the differentiated sounds of mids, lows, treble and bass really matter a lot, they should take a look at the Kilburn II. Kilburn II is specially designed to produce a clear midrange, a deep bass and extended highs that take the user experience to the next level. Moreover, this speaker provides you with a multi-directional sound that will immerse you in your music.

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6. Stockwell II

Stockwell II

Are you looking for speakers with excellent build quality? Stockwell II is the one for you. This one is a solid speaker that utilises Blumlein Stereo Sound construction. This speaker is so durable that you can even take it out on road trips without any worries. Actually, it is indeed designed for road trips, so yes, this speaker is roadworthy! The speakers are water-resistant as well as dust resistant. All of these features really make it a strong competitor on this top 6 Marshall speakers list. One more feature that you’re gonna really love is that this speaker provides Multi-host functionality. What is that? Using the Multi-host functionality, you can easily connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices.

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There’s no doubt that Marshall is the best when it comes buying to durable, top-notch and stylish speakers. Even well-established music companies themselves buy musical equipment from Marshall. That’s how trustworthy and value-giving of a brand Marshall is. We hope we were able to guide you well and that you found something just right for you on this shortlist.

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