How to Track My Order

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The technological advancements within the last few years have made our lives very easy. Be it whatever field, hundreds of solutions to our problems are already listed out, and many more are still being worked upon. Earlier, it was so hard to send a package from one place to another. Even harder than the sending was tracking where the package was at a given point in time. But now, everything can be done within just a few clicks on the screens of our devices.

Internet, networking, and GPS have made everything so simple that we don’t have to think twice before sending a package from one place to another. The same technologies are responsible for a sudden boom in the online shopping era. The best feature of online shopping websites and apps these days is, without any doubt, the “track your order” feature. Although these websites and apps make it quite simple to navigate through their content and find your way to use the services easily yet, some people might find it difficult to understand how to do the same.

Tracking order is something that gives a lot of people some or other kind of other trouble. Hence, we have come up with this short and sweet guide on how to track my order. Although not every website/app is mentioned here, we are sure after having gone through this article; you’ll be able to track your order on almost every platform.

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Contact Details – How to track my order

If you want to approach the delivery websites directly, we have prepared below a list of contact details on how to track my order of various delivery services.

1. Delhivery:

2. Swiggy:

3. Flipkart:

4. Bluedart:

5. FedEx:

6. Shiprocket:

7. Indiapost:

8. DHL:

Shopping Sites

The most famous online ordering website is Amazon. The plus point of a company being well known is that its service is always top-notch. The same goes for Amazon and other well-known websites. Whenever you place an order on one of these websites, they send you a confirmation mail as well as a confirmation text on your registered email address and contact number, respectively.

Shopping Sites

One might think that it is just a regular order confirmation message. But no, this mail or text also contains a link to track your order. Now, how convenient is that? When you click on this link, it redirects you to a proper timeline-like image that shows you where your package is at the movement making it as easy as 123. You can do the same for any other shopping platform.

Food Delivery Sites

We talked about tracking an order that we bought from an online shopping platform. What about food packages? Food is something whose tracking needs to be even more easy and quick because come on, is it practically possible to just wait for your food without having known where it reached? How fast is it gonna reach you? No, right? Let’s see how can you track orders on food delivery sites.

Food Delivery Sites

Although whenever you place an order on Swiggy or a similar platform, it will keep updating you on the app itself about the current location of your order. But if you want something like a timeline like the Amazon site, then you can visit their tracking site and track your order by entering the tracking number provided to you when you placed the order.

Package Delivery Sites

Well-established businesses like Amazon, Flipkart, and Swiggy can be trusted, and maybe we are not as worried about our order as we should be if we are buying from some IG-based shop. Individual and independent businesses on the internet are the ones that we are scared to buy from, and even when we do, we are always worried about our orders. Here’s how you can make sure you get your package safely.

Package Delivery Sites

  1. Always ask for a tracking ID and the courier service that they used.
  2. When they tell you which courier service they used, you can visit its official website to track your order.
  3. Simply copy-paste the Tracking ID into a field that will say something like “Enter Tracking ID/number.”
  4. Click on Track
  5. You will be able to see where your package has reached and also the estimated delivery time.


Tracking orders is surely a hassle but with dedicated websites and apps to do so; it has become a lot easier to track an order. Just make sure you are always using the correct Tracking ID/number.

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