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How To Delete Swagbucks Account

Swagbucks is a service from which you can get paid in cash and achieve gift coupons for online shopping. Moreover, you can watch free videos, take online surveys to create an experience, donate your money (gained by points) to charities, search for other websites and play online games as much as you want. Swagbucks is the best solution to the great low-struggle, your short-time dedication.


It’s a free Website, app and also registered as a browser extension that lets you have free money and gift coupons in exchange for the tasks you’re known to or might be doing somewhere near your household in a customary manner. As we said earlier, this website compensated about $263,716,484 in cash and gave gift coupons to its enjoyers, although it hasn’t been long since it launched in public (in Feb 2008). However, people who haven’t heard of it or used it might have numerous questions about its lawfulness and ease of utilising. Let’s check out how to delete Swagbucks account.

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Where It Can Be Accessed

Since people who haven’t heard of it or used it might have numerous questions about its lawfulness and ease of utilising it. It can be accessed on a desktop, in addition to a browser & an app coming up with a bunch of avenues so that you can receive ‘Swagbucks Points’ anytime you feel like you want. Swagbucks enjoyers declared how trouble-free the service is to utilise, and this website has paid its user’s hundreds of dollars as prize money.

The gift coupons you get can be of some use to massive wholesalers you shop at frequently, and as we mentioned, there are more than enough enjoyable ways you could think of to accumulate Swagbucks points. Get hold of genuine comments on topmost brands and other services conveyed hebdomadally to your mailbox.

Email Address – If you need marketing emails, you have to click ‘Sign up, and your mailbox will be stuffed with mentioned emails from the representatives. Furthermore, other partner offers and agree with our Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

Get further pocket change. It will be worthwhile when you want to do some furbish around your house or maybe buy Personal care products, clothing or not many complicated treats for yourself. You can have these moments as a few twists in your lacklustre life. Have you ever imagined achieving extra money with not much attempt? Greater than anything. Who doesn’t like to make more money without having many struggles whenever they get a chance to? Because money is the biggest motivation you could ever have. Despite this, many of us don’t have enough time after school, jobs and other burdens to get some or maybe look for large paid tasks and projects.

How To Delete Swagbucks Account

In the meantime, Swagbucks is a networked website. . Then, it reclaims those earned points of its users through the purchase and PayIt permits its enjoyers to collect points as much as possible by completing uncomplicated tasks. This website also permits its enjoyers to generate their account and fill up with pieces of information, upload pictures, complete those given surveys and get Swagbucks points and more like search/look for numerous websites by using the search engine. The points you’ve earned can be used in online shopping, which will benefit you. Let us proceed further.

To remove/delete your Swagbucks Account

Read and act following the instructions below, let us start.

  1. Firstly, you have to open the following link URL “
  2. You need to sign up for your current Swagbucks Account
  3. You have to tap on the PROFILE ICON, which is located at the top right side of the screen.
  4. Now, you’ll get to see a sub-down section popping up. then,
  5. You have to go to ‘My Settings’. then
  6. Now, You need to click on ‘CANCEL MY ACCOUNT’, which can be seen on the down-section of the Add Shipping Information page. then,
  7. Again, you’ll get to see a menu section popping up.
  8. You have to write down your current password. Then,
  9. Ultimately, You have to Click on ‘CANCEL MY ACCOUNT, and you will be able to remove your Swagbucks Account until doomsday. That is all guys.

Swagbucks Online Learning

To make the enjoyers glad, Swagbucks compensated more than Only $250 Million in prize money to its users. Read more about how this website lets you have free cash and gives you enjoyable tasks like those mentioned ones, Online surveys, online shopping and watching videos & many more exciting jobs.

The Representatives gather teams and write down about kinds of stuff, which will be in your likeness. Business Representatives have many combined Partnerships, and if you purchase from here, we will be able to have some amount of a share of the revenue.


It permits its enjoyers to collect points as much as possible by completing uncomplicated tasks. This website gives tasks like online surveys, playing games and many more, which can be finished within minutes. Hope you enjoyed it.

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