How to Claim Warranty on boAt Earphones

Today we will talk about how to claim warranty on Boat earphones. Boat earphones are the new gadget to have on board your boat. They give you the ability to enjoy your music or the radio while on the water. The problem is that they can be damaged very easily. It is quite common to find that your neckband has been damaged while being used onboard your boat. This blog will look at how to claim warranty on boat earphones if they get damaged.

How to claim warranty on boAt earphones

Most boat earphones come with a one-year warranty. To claim your warranty, simply contact the retailer where you purchased your earphones and provide proof of purchase. They will then help you process your claim. If you purchased your earphones directly from the boAt, you can contact their customer service team to initiate a warranty claim. Be sure to have your proof of purchase and serial number ready when you call.

If your boat earphones break within the warranty period, you can follow these steps to claim a warranty replacement:

  1. Locate your warranty card or receipt. This will have the date of purchase and the terms of the warranty.
  2. Contact the retailer or manufacturer. You will need to provide them with your proof of purchase and explain the problem with the earphones.
  3. They will likely ask you to send the earphones back so they can inspect them.
  4. If they determine that the earphones are covered by the warranty, they will send you a replacement pair.

Boat warranty terms and conditions

The company does not cover any electrical or/and physical damage resulting from:

  • Malicious destruction
  • Abuse
  • Accident
  • Neglect
  • Acts of nature
  • Misuse
  • Wear and tear

The permanent or temporary affixing of supplied items by the manufacturer with any fastener, adhesive, etc. You must not use batteries, overcharging, or other sources of power.

boAt Online Complaint

The best thing about boAt products is that it is easy to register a complaint and that most of the products come with at least 1-year warranty. boAt online complaint portals are always open for you for complaint registration or boAt warranty registration if you have come across any faults with the products that you purchased. The boAt complaint register process is quite easy to follow which makes it convenient for users to approach the company directly if there’s something wrong with the device they have purchased. boAt warranty register process helps you to claim the warranty given on the product and hence the demand for repair of the product or a replacement. the boAt makes sure that customers always get what they have invested their money for. When it comes to customer services, boAt is always a step ahead of other companies in the market. Here’s how you can use a boAt online complaint portal to register your complaints and register for a warranty on your purchase.

There’s a dedicated webpage on the web by boAt to help users register their complaints and claim warranty on their products. Click here to navigate to the boAt online complaint portal and simply fill in the asked details and that’s it. It’s as simple as that. 

Are actions really taken once the complaint is registered?

Okay, so we saw how easy it is to register an online complaint for any issues that you are facing with your recently bought boAt product. boAt also claims that they will help you in the process of warranty registration and solve the problem for you. It’s likely to wonder for any user, does it really work? Like, okay you can register your complaints and fill in details on some online complaint registration portal but are actions really taken once your problem is noticed by them? To answer these questions, we’d like to present to you some of the testimonies from the customers themselves:

  • I wrote an email stating my problem and inquiring how can I claim my warranty on Within 10 seconds I got an auto-generated message. I got an email in the evening to send the faulty product back. I got an email from them that they have received my courier and it will be repaired/dispatched within 3-4 days. Boult sent me a new earphones with all the accessories and the warranty card.
  • The product may be replaced on basis of the nature of the problem. However, if the defect is minor, then the product will be sent for repair.
  • Yes, the faulty earphones will get replaced if u register a complaint online giving the invoice. Your earphones will get replaced within 7 days.

Final words

If you have purchased a boat earphones then you must know how to claim warranty on Boat earphones. So, if you bought the product within the last year and it is not working properly, you may be able to claim the warranty. Most boat earphones come with a one-year warranty, so if your earphones are not working, you should contact the company to see if you are eligible for a replacement. In order to claim the warranty, you will likely need to provide proof of purchase, as well as a description of the problem.

Once you have submitted your claim, the company will review it and determine whether or not you are eligible for a replacement. If you are approved, you should receive your replacement earphones within a few weeks.

Frequently asked questions

How can I claim my warranty on boAt earphones?

Claiming boAt earphone warranty is very easy. Just drop them a mail at and tell them the defect and attach a copy of the invoice. You can easily get the invoice from your account if you have ordered it online.

What happens when one side of boAt earphones stops working?

First of all, check the settings. The earphone may play in one ear only depending on the audio setting. Hence, check the audio properties and ensure that the mono option is off. Also, ensure that the voice level is balanced in both earbuds.

Do boats replace broken headphones?

If your earphones are not working, then don’t worry, boAt will replace the product for you. But, if the earphones are damaged, the company will not replace the product.

Is BoAt a Chinese company?

The boAt is an Indian company. It was established in 2015. Aman Gupta is the CEO of the company. The boAt is well-known for its product quality. In fact, in 2022, BoAt became the 5th largest wearable brand internationally.

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