How to Claim Boult Warranty

Buying anything can be a risk, especially if it’s online. If anything goes wrong with your purchase, the warranty is there to save the day. It’s important to know how to claim any type of warranty though. Hence, today we will talk about how to claim a warranty on boult earphones.

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How to claim boult warranty on earphones and headphones

If you’ve purchased a boult product, the manufacturer’s warranty should be valid for you. The boult warranty claim can be a slightly tedious process, but it must be done, or else the warranty is invalid. In order to claim your valid warranty, here are the steps you need to take.

1. First, you need to contact them directly and tell them the product you would like to claim the warranty for. For this, you have to write them an email at or give them a call at +91-9555602502.

2. Ensure you provide additional information about the product and any error codes or error messages you’re getting.

  • Provide your product registration number and verify your information
  • Customer service will have an RMA number to send the product back to us
  • Pack the product back up and include the RMA number along with a copy of the original receipt for the item
  • Contact the customer service representative with the tracking number provided by the shipping company to update them on the shipment.

This is done to avoid fraud.

3. If the manufacturer can confirm that your product is damaged, they will then ship you a new one within 10 business days. The product can be replaced on the basis of the nature of the problem. However, if the problem is minor, then the manufacturer may repair it.

Conclusion on how to claim a warranty on boult earphones

A majority of the products sold at Boult have a one-year warranty. If your product starts to break or stops working for any reason within that year frame, you can file a warranty request with our customer service team.

To know if your Boult product is under warranty, you can check the warranty label for your product. Note that the warranty label is located inside the product packaging and is attached to the product itself. If you find a defect, do not attempt to fix the product yourself but instead contact Boult right away!

You can contact Boult by visiting the Boult website, or by calling the Boult hotline. You can also fill up the Boult warranty registration form online and mail it to the address on the form. Ensure your name and contact details are correct and up to date!

Frequently asked questions

Is boult better than a boat?

Boult is more convenient and affordable than Boat. also, it has better durability, battery life, and sound quality. However, Boat has a sleek shape that many people might prefer. Still, Bould Bluetooth speakers are superior to the Boat. therefore, Boult is the best option for now. Rest depends upon the user preferences.

Which company owns Boult?

Varun Guta is the owner of Boult Private Limited Business, which makes headphones. The founder started this business in 2017 and is based in Delhi.

What is a warranty registration?

Warranty Registration occurs when a stock product is sold to an end customer. In a warranty registration, all data such as applied policies, customer details, and sale details are captured. The product is then moved forward from your Stock folder to the retailed folder.

Is Boult a good brand?

Boult is an Indian brand that makes high-quality products. The brand manufacturer makes speakers, earphones, earbuds, headphones, etc.

How much is Boult’s earphone warranty?

Boult earphones usually have a warranty of 1 year.

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