How to Charge Apple Pencil [1st and 2nd Gen]

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Apple products are not used as commonly by people as the gadgets of other companies. This is why people are often confused about handling Apple gadgets when they shift to using them after having used other gadgets for an extended period of time. One such gadget that confuses people is the Apple Pencil and the most common problem with in i.e. how to charge apple pencil.

What is an apple pencil?

Apple Pencil is an accessory device introduced by Apple that can be used as a wireless stylus with iPads. The Apple Pencil communicates with your device wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity. The best part is that the Apple Pencil is rechargeable! Since not everyone is very tech-savvy, people struggle to figure out how to charge their apple pencils. For the same reason, we have created this guide on how to charge apple pencil.

Is the Apple Pencil rechargeable?

Unlike other styluses, the Apple Pencil has rechargeable batteries instead of removable and replaceable ones. These rechargeable batteries can be charged the same way you charge any other device. The charging feature of the Apple Pencil makes it very efficient and easy to use and increases its portability to an even greater extent.

How to charge Apple Pencil?

Before we move on to the steps on how you can charge your Apple Pencil, we’d like to tell you a very important piece of information. The Apple Pencil comes in two technical variants. When Apple Pencil was introduced for the first time, that version was called the First Generation Apple Pencil. In contrast, the latest version of the Apple Pencil is called the Second Generation of Apple Pencil. Now, this was important for us to consider because both the versions of these pencils are changed in a different manner.

Charging the First Generation Apple Pencil

When the first generation of the Apple Pencil was launched in the market, the concept of wireless charging was not as popular as it is now. So, if you are wondering if you can charge your first-generation Apple Pencil wirelessly or not; unfortunately, the answer is no. However, you can definitely charge the first-generation Apple Pencil using the regular mode. There are two simple ways by which you can charge your first-generation Apple pencil. You can use whichever way you find suitable for you.

Using the iPad


The first generation of Apple Pencil can be charged using your iPad. To charge your First Generation Apple Pencil, you simply will have to plug in the pencil to your iPad. Now, you must be wondering how to plug in this cable? No connector is as such visible that can be connected to the iPad, right? Hold on. Try removing the cap above the silver band of the pencil. Do you see something? Yes, a lightning connector. That must have answered all your queries. Now connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad using this lightning connector and hence charge your Apple Pencil.

Using the Lightning Adapter

If for some reason you don’t want to use your iPad to charge your Apple Pencil, then you can charge it the same way you charge your other devices, that is, using an adapter. When you bought the Apple Pencil inside the box, you must have found a tiny Lightning adapter that has especially been designed for the Apple Pencil only. You just have to plug in the pencil to the lightning adapter and connect the adapter to your lightning charging cable. Next, plug this cable into a power source and done! The pencil will start getting all charged up for the next use.

Charging the Second Generation Apple Pencil

Wireless charging enthusiasts, we have good news for you. You can charge your second-generation Apple pencil wirelessly, unlike the first-generation Apple Pencil. All you have got to do is place your Apple Pencil on top of your iPad. Where to put it? To the right of the volume and power buttons. Just make sure that the Apple Pencil is paired with the device that you are using to wirelessly charge it.

Battery Backup of Apple Pencil

Apple devices are known for their great battery backup. Now you must be wondering whether the Apple Pencil keeps up with this level of battery backup or not. The answer is, it absolutely does! Once fully charged, you can easily use the Apple Pencil for straight 12 hours. Still not impressed? Well, you can charge the Apple Pencil 100% in just 30 minutes. Now, how amazing is that. Okay, and what if you’re in a hurry and you want instant charging for a couple of minutes? This pencil can literally be used for 30 minutes with just 15 seconds of charging. Yes, you read that right, 15 seconds!


Even though it might seem confusing at first, it is actually very simple to charge your Apple Pencil. We hope we were able to make it simpler for you to understand. Make sure you follow the right way concerning which generation of Apple Pencil you have.

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