Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000 – Updated

Best gaming Headphones Under 2000

The gaming industry in India is experiencing a high time. And I don’t think that this will fade away by any means. 

But gaming is quite an expensive hobby. There are gaming headphones and gaming headsets that are very expensive, and to be very honest, everyone could not afford them. 

And that’s why this article is not about spending money but saving it. And opt for gaming headphones that are cheaper and very much up to the mark to be called good gaming headphones. 

So if you’re looking for gaming headphones under 2000 rupees, you’re at the right place.

Here’s our pick for the best gaming headphones under 2000 INR in 2022. 

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Red Gear Cosmos (Editor's Choice for Best Headphones under 2000 INR)


Eksaa E-300 (Best headphones to use on PC as well as Mobile)


BoAt Immortal -
IM 200


Cosmic Byte G2050 


Redgear Comet


The Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000

1. Red gear Cosmo wired gaming headphones

Redgear Best Headphones under 2000


  • Brand name: Redgear
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, Over the ear
  • Connector type : USB connector
  • Compatibility: Only PC
  • Colors available: Available in two colors; White and Black
  • In-built mic: Available
  • Noise control: Active noise cancellation

The Redgear Cosmo Product review

The sound

Redgear Cosmo comes with 7.1 surround sound that allows gamers to listen to every sound detail. 

From enemy footsteps to gun reloads, you can listen to the game FXs very comfortably and have an advantage over your enemies. 

The 7.1 engine on the Cosmo helps you cover all the angles, and you can understand your enemy’s tactics without even seeing them. Well, that’s quite unfair. 

The look and feel

Redgear Cosmo has RGB lights surrounding the ear cups and even on the tip of the mic. 

The mic on the Redgear Cosmo looks super cool with RGBs on it, and you can flex it within your gamer’s community. The mic on the Redgear Cosmo is noise cancellation, so you can expect an uninterrupted voice chat with your teammates. The ear cups on the Cosmo are pretty comfortable, and you won’t feel ear fatigue while using them. 

This much for headphones under 2000 rupees is very impressive, and that’s why Redgear Cosmo is the editor’s choice for the best gaming headphones under 2000 rupees. 

Now let’s also focus on the pros and cons of Redgear Cosmo.

  • Very well priced
  • Value for money
  • Active noise cancellation mic
  • Comfortable
  • Has RGB on-ear cups as well on the mic
  • It comes with a USB connector
  • You can not use it with a mobile phone
  • Look and sound so good you’ll be playing games all day, and your mother might scold you.

2. EKSA E3000 Gaming Headphones for PC & Mobile 

EKSA E3000 is our second best gaming headphones under 2000 Rupees, right after Redgear Cosmos. 


EKSA E3000 Gaming Headphones for PC & Mobile 

  • Brand name: EKSA
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, Over the ear form factor
  • Connector type: USB connector and 3.5mm Jack 
  • Compatibility: PC and Mobile compatible. 
  • Colors available: Available in Dark Black
  • In-built mic: Available
  • Noise control: Active noise cancellation

EKSAA E300 Product review

About the brand:

ESKA gaming is one of the upcoming gaming headphones brands in India. ESKA has a comprehensive product line in India and is backed by trendy gaming influencers.

The sound

EKSAA E300 has a 7.1 surround sound. 7.1 surround sound will help you listen all around and make you feel that you’re present in the game. E300 Headphones are perfect for gamers with a limited budget. If you can’t afford professional gaming headphones, E300 is excellent. 

It sounds fantastic, and you can use it on your mobile as well. So whether you’re playing valorant on your PC or PUBG on your mobile phone, you can use ESKAA E3000. 

Other than that, You can use it for your meetings and even listen to your favorite music. It works in all the scenarios, and it’s a total all-rounder. 

Look and feel

It comes with RGB around the ear cups, and the RGB is very minimal, not very overpowering like other headphones. If you love simple RGB lights, you can pick the ESKAA E3000. 

It comes with a toggle controller to control the volume and RGB lights. It is straightforward to use and very user-friendly as well.

The foam is breathable, and it is very comfortable to wear. One thing that might irritate you is that the mic isn’t detachable, and you can’t move it away as well. 

Now let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of the product:

  • Value for money
  • Sounds professional
  • Comfortable
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Noise cancellation with mic
  • The durability of the ear cups
  • The mic is not movable

3. boAt Immortal IM-200


boAt Immortal IM-200

  • Brand name: BoAt Lifestyle
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, 50mm drivers, Over the ear form factor
  • Connector type : USB connector 
  • Compatibility: PC only
  • Colors available: Available in Black, Blue, and Red
  • In-built mic: Available
  • Noise control: Noise Isolation 
  • RGB: Breathing LEDs

boAt Immortal IM-200 Review

Boat Immortal IM- 200 is a gaming headphone under 2000 rupees and is made specifically for gaming on PC. It has a USB connector and breathing RGB lights.

The sound

Its 7.1 surround sound will ensure that you have a very immersive gaming experience. 

The 50mm drivers are loud enough even on 70-75% volume. The headphones will make you feel like you have disconnected from the world, and it’s you and yourself.  

The mic has intelligent denoising technology, different from active mic noise canceling, but it works fine considering the price range. 

The Enx technology assures that the voice is delivered unhindered to the listeners. While playing games, You can easily hear the 360-degree noise and have a pleasant gaming experience. 

While surfing the net, You might feel the headphones are flat and not very bass-heavy. It is standard as the headphones are meant to play games and not listen to music. 

The look and feel

The look on the headphones is pretty classic gaming headphones types only. The boat logo illuminates the RGB light on the headphones. 

The breathable notion of the RGBs looks stunning in the dark. The headphones are light in weight, and you can wear them longer. The wire is braided and looks sturdy as well. Let’s look at the pros and cons of BoAt immortal IM-200.

Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy and firm
  • The sound quality is crispy and clear
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • LEDs look stunning
  • Mic quality is phenomenal 
  • Earcups can make your ear sweaty
  • Only for PC
  • The mic might lose the desired position after sometime
  • Not suitable for listening to music

4. Cosmic Byte G2050

It’s impossible that we’re talking about the best gaming headphones under 2000, and Cosmic Byte is not featured. 


  • Brand name: Cosmic Byte
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, USB, Over the ear form factor
  • Connector type : USB connector 
  • Compatibility: PC only
  • Colors available: Available in RED and BLUE
  • In-built mic: Available
  • Noise control: Noise Reduction with GEL Mic
  • RGB: RGB LEDs available

Cosmic Byte G2050 Review

Cosmic Byte G2050 is a USB-supported gaming headphone under 2000 rupees. It is an over-ear headphone with soft and comfortable ear cups. 

The sound

The multi-platform usable headphones have premium sound and 7.1 surround sound technology, enabling you to hear even the slightest sound while playing. Like all the other headphones we have featured today, you will love the playing experience in this. Unlike others, Cosmic Byte comes with audio software that you can use to adjust the equalizer and tweak the surround sound. 

The headphones, along with the software experience, will give you the essence of using expensive professional-sounding headphones at a price of just under 2000 rupees. 

The mic has a vertical motion to adjust according to your usage. The mic works perfectly well, and there were no issues while testing it. 

The look and feel

The Cosmic byte G2050 looks futuristic and feels premium. The ear cups are wide enough to sit on your ear comfortably. I felt the headphones are heavy on the ears, and you can also feel the same while using them for a more extended period. 

  • Premium software experience
  • Sounds great
  • Looks futuristic 
  • I felt it heavy
  • Felt sweaty as well
  • You can not use it on your mobile

5. Redgear Comet

Last but not least, We have Redgear Comet on our list of best headphones for gaming under 2000. Redgear Comet is 7.1 surround sound enabled and also has 50mm drivers. 


Redgear Comet


  • Brand name: Redgear 
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, USB, Over the ear form factor
  • Connector type : USB connector 
  • Compatibility: PC only
  • Colors available: Available in Black
  • In-built mic: Available
  • Noise control: Noise available 
  • RGB: RGB LEDs available on-ear ups

Redgear Comet Product Review

Redgear comet is bulky looking headphones, and it has 50mm drivers in it. It makes sure that you’ll have a loud and clear sound every time you use them. 

The sound

Redgear has done a tremendous amount of work while giving 50mm drivers and 7.1 surround sound in gaming headphones under 2000. 

The Redgear Comet sounds excellent, and the mic quality is also up to the mark. The mic can get pretty loud sometimes, and I felt that recording from the mic has a slight gain. The overall sound of the headphones is pretty smooth and loud, and I felt no distortion while playing the game. 

The look and feel

Redgear Comet looks pretty bulky, and the ear cups have subtle RGB lights. Like its brother, The Cosmos, The tip of the mic has RGB lights on it and looks pretty sick! The comfort label on the mic is good as well. The headphones are light in weight and are comfortable as well. I want to congratulate Redgear on making such good headphones for under 2000 INR. 

  • Cover ears perfectly
  • Substantial design
  • Feel comfortable to wear
  • Changeable RGB lights

  • You can not use it on mobiles
  • It might look bulky to some users
  • The software experience is just a gimmick in my point of view


Now you know my favorite picks for the best gaming headphones under 2000. I felt that Redgear Cosmo is the best gaming headphones under 2000 as it has everything a gamer is looking for. If you are a neckband type per, check out the article on best neckbands under 1500.

It feels comfortable and sounds good as well. The looks on the Redgear Cosmo are pretty subtle, and it’ll be suitable for almost all gamers. From CSGo to playing Minecraft or valorant, I loved playing all the games with The Redgear Cosmo, and hence I decided to recommend them as the best gaming headphones under INR 2000. 

But you can only use them with your PC and not on your mobile device. If you want headphones that can be used on mobile and PC, You should pick EKSAA E300.

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