Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000 in India (With Mic)

Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000

Gaming is getting more and more popular with each passing day. From PUBG and COD on mobile to hardcore pc games like Valorant and GTA, one thing that unites the entire gaming community is the desire for that perfect audio profile to enhance the gaming experience and performance in fps games. If you are one such gamer with a budget of around 1000 bucks, then you have landed on the perfect article.

I have saved you the trouble of visiting multiple e-commerce sites and long YouTube videos by compiling a list of top gaming headphones under 1000 bucks. Now you can go through this short yet informative article and decide which headphones will be the best for you depending on your personal use case and choice.

Here are our top picks for best gaming headphones under 1000 in 2022.

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Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headphones


Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Gaming Headphones


Ant Esports H530 PRO RGB Gaming Headphones


Redragon H120 Wired Gaming Headset


Ant Esports H520W – World of Warships Editions


Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000 in India

1. Cosmic Byte GS430 gaming headphones

Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000

No matter what price range you talk about, Cosmic Byte is a brand you will always encounter.


  • Brand name: Cosmic Byte
  • Model: GS430
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, Over the ear
  • Connector type: Wired, 3.5mm audio jack, USB type A for RGB lightning
  • Compatibility:
  • Colors available: Available in red, green, black, grey, camo black, and camo green
  • In-built mic: 120 degrees adjustable microphone
  • Noise control: Active noise cancellation

The sound

These gaming headphones are equipped with high-precision neodymium drivers with a diameter of 50mm.

Now for those who don’t know what driver diameter means, the bigger the driver better the sound quality. For reference, generic earphones or earbuds typically have a 10-15mm wide driver. Overall it means for the gamers is, you can hear the enemy inching towards you from a distance with clarity about the whereabouts of your opponents.

The sound from these headphones has a punchy bass and adequate treble, which guarantees an immersive gaming experience. And hence it made it to top of our list of best gamming headphones under 1000.

The comfort

If you have been in the gaming scene for some time, you know that comfort is the top priority while shopping for headphones. You simply cannot afford sweaty earlobes or aching heads even after long gaming sessions.

GS430 comes in on the lighter side at only 300 grams, which is the second lightest headphone on our list, but there is a reason it is sitting at the top. If you want to have a good build quality and rich sound, you have to trade in some weight.

Moreover, it comes with memory foam in the eardrums and a sweat-resistant headband which makes it comfortable for hours of gaming.

The look

The gaming community has always been accused of being biased towards looks, especially the RGB lights, and these gaming headphones are guilty too.

Cosmic Byte GS430 comes with seven different led lighting modes, and you have to connect the USB cable to activate the lights, which means no RGB for mobile gamers. Even for pc gamers, the lightning on this one is simply not what you would call OP. It looks decent for its price and has that hardcore gaming look, but it lacks that premium look.

For those lazy readers who skipped my beautiful description of these headphones, here is a quick pros and cons list

  • Rich and crisp sound with heavy bass
  • No tearing at high volume
  • Robust build quality with durable materials used
  • Crisp and adjustable microphone with background noise suppression
  • Good after-sales service from Cosmic Byte
  • Flashy led lights instead of diffused ones
  • RGB lights can only be used via USB
  • Non-bendable microphone

2. Redgear cloak wired RGB gaming headphones

Now is it possible to talk about gaming without mentioning Redgear? I am pretty sure that every gamer at least has one accessory from Redgear in their gaming setup.

So if you want to establish a theme of Redgear products across your table, these headphones are for you.

Redgear cloak wired RGB gaming headphones


  • Brand name: Redgear
  • Model: Cloak wired RGB gaming headphones
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, Over the ear
  • Connector type: Wired, 3.5mm audio jack, USB type A for RGB lightning
  • Compatibility: pc, mobile, tablets, laptops, Xbox and ps5
  • Colors available: Available in black only
  • In-built mic: adjustable Omni-directional microphone
  • Noise control: noise-canceling memory foam

The sound

Cloak gaming headphones also come with 50mm drivers. The bass specifically, is boosted which means you can hear heavy guns from a distance. The stereo separation, in my experience, was simply amazing, along with crystal clear sound quality even at full volume.

It is pretty clear why these headphones are the best seller in this segment and definitely one of the best gaming headphones under 1000 for pubg.

The comfort

When these headphones were launched back in 2019, they simply had no competitor in this price range. The sound quality (base and stereo separation) was miles ahead of the competition, and the build quality is also solid.

The only downside of having a rigid build and heavy drivers is the increase in weight. They weigh 460 grams, and that is the only reason I placed them at the second number.

Redgear has tried to tackle the weight distribution by providing huge ear cups and auto adjustable heads band, but that 460 grams worth of headphones are still going to make you feel a bit tired after long gaming sessions.

The look

The Redgear logo on both sides of these gaming headphones simply provides the most premium look on this list. The RGB lights are not flashy but somewhat well contained within the design. Judging by the looks and the reputable brand it belongs to, no one can evaluate its price as lower than 2000 bucks.

These headphones also come with in-line volume control and an adjustable microphone which is very crisp, and your teammate can hear your instruction even under heavy fire from enemies. The dual headband gives these gaming headphones a studio-level look and feel. Overall a huge thumbs up for the simple sober and classy look of the Redgear cloak.

Now, if you again skipped through the details, here are the pros and cons.

  • Boosted bass
  • Crystal clear sound even at high volume
  • Reliable and loud microphone
  • Premium RGB looks
  • Comfortable headband

  • Heavy headphones(460 grams), not suitable for long duration(over 4-5 hours)
  • Big size making it unsuitable for gamers with small heads
  • Non-bendable microphone

3. Ant Esports H530 PRO RGB gaming headphones

Another recognized name in the gaming industry – Ant Esports, offers H530 pro in this price segment.

Ant Esports H530 PRO RGB gaming headphones


  • Brand name: Ant Esports
  • Model: H530
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, Over the ear
  • Connector type: Wired, 3.5mm jack (separate for audio and mic), USB type A for RGB lightning
  • Compatibility: pc, mobile, tablets, laptops, Xbox, and ps5 (adapter provided for mobile users)
  • Colors available: Available in two combinations: blue-black and red-black
  • In-built mic: adjustable and bendable microphone
  • Noise control: memory foam based noise isolation

The sound

Unlike the first two gaming headphones in our list, H530 PRO comes with slightly smaller drivers at 40mm, which means it lacks behind the first two in terms of bass. The clarity, however, is decent for this price and does not tear at high volume. The sound from the microphone is not very loud, but the clarity is better because of its bendable nature. You can adjust the mic close to your mouth. As of stereo separation and, therefore, in-game performance, these gaming headphones do not disappoint.

The comfort

Lacking in terms of driver diameter, these headphones cover some ground in terms of comfort. It weighs only 350 grams which are still heavier than what cosmic byte offers, but it is lighter than the Redgear cloak.

The padding in the ear cups is somewhat stiff, which helps in noise suppression but causes sweating after long usage. The big form factor results in the sense of isolation while playing games.

These gaming headphones come with adjustable neckband with metal straps on both sides, which gives a solid feel but increases the weight. Overall they feel a little plasticky when it comes to the in-hand feel of these headphones

The look

As mentioned before, the headphones feel and look like it’s made up entirely of cheap plastic, which it is.

However, the style statement looks somewhat futuristic to me, with all the fancy cuts and unnecessary edges coming out of every corner possible. They carry a modular design theme overall, and if the color combination compliments your gaming setup, they are going to look great in pictures. Not classy but cool looking to some extent.

4. Redragon H120 wired gaming headset

Redragon H120 wired gaming headset

For the rare breed of gamers who don’t like RGB, redragon is providing a compelling solution.


  • Brand name: Redragon
  • Model: H120
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, Over the ear
  • Connector type: Wired, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Compatibility: pc, mobile, tablets, laptops, Xbox and ps5
  • Colors available: Available in only one combination of red-black
  • In-built mic: rotating non-bendable microphone
  • Noise control: not available

The sound

These gaming headphones came with 40mm neodymium drivers with medium bass and muffled high pitch sounds which means it’s difficult to hear your teammate during a machine gun fire or vehicle sound.

It also shows slight sound leaking at high volume, which is not ideal for gaming headphones as it can create a chaotic environment during night gaming sessions. Stereo separation and surround sound experience are the only reason I categorize it as a gaming headphone.

The microphone picks up your voice quite precisely, but it’s rigid and cannot be adjusted close to your mouth, which encourages and urges you to lean forward and speak.

The comfort

Comfort is another strong point of these gaming headphones as they are the lightest weighing headphones on our entire list at just 150 grams. These headphones can easily be used for more than 10 hours of gaming sessions without feeling any fatigue or sweat in earlobes or hair. Once you put these on and start playing an intense fps game, you no longer actively feel them over your head.

This light form factor comes at the price of build quality that takes a significant hit with 100% plastic body and lightweight drivers providing zero thumps while playing heavy bass music.

The look

I am not a fan of how these gaming headphones look. I am not a fan of RGB, but the dull color combination. These headphones are available to give an office vibe which puts me off.

If you are looking to buy something that can serve the purpose of gaming and office video conferences, these would be the best and frankly the only choice that can provide a decent gaming experience while looking office serious.

5. Ant Esports H520W – World of warships editions

Ant Esports H520W - World of warships editions

This is like a special mention in our list, tailored fit for WOW fans


  • Brand name: Ant Esports
  • Model: H520W – WOW edition
  • Headphones Type: Gaming, Wired, Over the ear
  • Connector type: Wired, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Compatibility: pc, mobile, tablets, laptops, Xbox and ps5
  • Colors available: Available in only black-silver combination
  • In-built mic: non-adjustable microphone
  • Noise control: dense memory foam for isolation

The sound

With 50mm premium-quality drivers, these gaming headphones deliver a crystal clear heavy sound profile with punchy bass and deep treble. It gives a clear distinction between gunshots, footsteps, and a teammate’s voice. It is surround sound ready for play station and Xbox devices with a decent level of stereo separation.

The microphone is loud and clear as well but being fixed in that plastic neck makes it difficult for the microphone to distinguish between background noise and your voice.

The comfort

These headphones are the heaviest one on our list at 450 grams which results in better noise cancelation and heavy bass but makes you feel tired after long usage.

The construction is a combination of plastic and metal which means it is durable and cold to touch but does not give that uni-body in-hand feel. The headband is auto adjustable with a faux leather inner band and hollow metal outer band, which helps with the grip over the head but often causes a little bit of sweating.

The look

It may look appealing to the world of warship fans with a detailed warship printed on either side, but the color scheme of black and silver does not match with the millennial vibe of today’s gamers. These gaming headphones have an awkward style statement which neither satisfies the gamers nor fits with the serious office vibe.


After experiencing all the best options available in the market for best headphones under 1000 INR, my top recommendation will be Cosmic Byte GS430, as they have a perfect mix of good sound quality, comfortable fitting, and decent typical gaming looks. Having a good budget? Check out these best gaming headphones under 5000 bucks.

If you prefer classy premium looks over comfort, the best choice for best gaming headphones would be the Redgear cloak because nothing can match the premium look that the RGB lit logo of Redgear on either side provides.

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